What is the API Discovery Service?

The API Discovery Service is designed to detect Rogue APIs that exist outside of corporate management. ShadowAPI detects SOAP, REST and even Web Socket APIs, helping you to build a centralised view of your API estate. With your APIs in one place, you can group and manage your API security faster. Also with role-based support you can even distribute remedial fixes to your wider team.

Key Services


Build a full inventory of your API Assets automatically. ShadowAPI creates a repository of all your API Services, saving you time and effort.


Search your network for Rogue API’s automatically, helping to identify blind spots that exist outside of corporate management.


Using a confidence level based approach, ShadowAPI uses a Patent Pending discovery algorithm. This eliminates false positives and improves the overall accuracy of the assessment


Seamlessly configure alerts into your existing security stack with our suite of third-party integrations.


ShadowAPI tests your APIs against the OWASP Top 10, helping you to measure your security posture against the defacto world-wide standard.


Our team of dedicated security researchers are constantly designing new vulnerability checks to ensure your APIs are fully secured.

What Are The Risks?

Without a thorough and regular API Discovery process, your organisation could have blind spots, that if left unchecked, could put your organisation at a heightened risk of unauthorised data exposure.

Many IT teams fail to tracks all API endpoints, but when you have visibility into your API estate, you can then put controls in place to mitigate the risk.  If on the other hand, you don’t have visibility, then you can’t see who is accessing what and this is a very real and potentially damaging position to be in.

What Can We Do?

The ShadowAPI consulting team continuously sweeps your network perimeter, analysing every single port for web service communications. Suspected APIs are analysed and validated, and then added to your ShadowAPI dashboard. Alerts are pushed automatically, allowing for speedy escalation.

Key Benefits

Managed API Discovery Assessment

Continuously Scan Your Network for Unknown or Rogue API Endpoints. Identify Blind Spots and Reduce Data Exposure

Analysis to Eliminate False Positives

No Need to Worry about False Positives, the ShadowAPI Team Will Iron out Misleading and Inaccurate Information

Dashboard Inventory & Alerting

All your API estate in one place, documented with timely alerts for complete peace of mind

Want to Know More?

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