Eliminate API Vulnerabilities

API Security isn’t a single entity or action, it should underpin the entire development lifecycle. 

ShadowAPI is a purpose-built API Security Scanner that provides continuous API security testing for IT security managers, dev teams, and all security professionals. At its core, it is a turn-key library of custom vulnerability checks designed to uncover API threats that could compromise the security of your digital platforms.

Simply map your API using an easy-to-follow discovery tool, and then select the checks you want to run. You can even build your own custom checks, the choice is yours. 


Key Features


ShadowAPI identifies configuration based security issues in Web services such as injection flaws and disclosure of sensitive information vulnerabilities.


Schedule and build continuous security assessments into your API development life cycle.


Understanding your API logic in seconds with our automated mapping module. This is particularly useful if it is an API that you inherited.


Seamlessly configure alerts into your existing security stack with our suite of third-party integrations.


ShadowAPI tests your API against the OWASP top 10, helping you to measure your security posture against the defacto world-wide standard.


Our team of dedicated security researchers are constantly designing new vulnerability checks to ensure your API fully secured.

What Are The Risks?

APIs represent a high-level security risk because they are often well documented, providing hackers with multiple routes to conduct an attack. For this reason, companies need to treat APIs with the same level of protection that they provide for their business-critical web applications.

Often APIs are designed for mutually beneficial collaboration or so that web applications can interoperate quickly and easily. For this to work, APIs tend to be extremely clear and self-documenting, providing an insight into internal objects and even the internal database structure – all valuable intelligence for hackers.

This sensitive low-level data would otherwise be buried under layers of web application code but as APIs are designed for open collaboration, it creates a very real security risk.

The interoperable nature of the API is also its greatest weakness, so it is critical that APIs are assessed on a regular basis. 

How Can We Help?

The ShadowAPI team lives and breathes API Security.  Our research team are constantly researching new tests to help you stay one step ahead of the next web service threat. In fact, our API Research never stops, it is our passion and the lifeblood of the business. Ultimately, we are committed to innovation and research so that that our customers can maintain a secure API environment

Key Benefits


Scan Your Corporate Perimeter and Identify Unknown or Rogue APIs


Eliminate API Vulnerabilities to Strengthen Your Security Posture


Continuously Assesses the Security Posture of Your API Assets

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