What is Web Application Penetration Testing?

Web Applications and Web-based technologies have advanced both in quantity and technologies in recent years.

With this advancement of technologies and reliance on today’s Web Applications, there has been an increase in the cybersecurity risks associated with these applications.

ShadowAPI, and their team of qualified security testers can help alleviate the risks associated with these Web Applications by performing regular security testing of your public-facing or internal Web Applications to identify any issues and to give you the details to remediate these issues before an attacker could exploit them.

Key Services


ShadowAPI consultants will conduct a full security assessment of your web application, helping to identify flaws and potential data exposure.


Vulnerability scanning tools are only effective to a certain point. Consultant-led testing is able to to go the extra mile and will uncover logic and code level threats hidden deep into your web code.


Our approach to web application testing is based on industry best practice and project management standards.


Using a bland of both industry standard and custom written tools helps the ShadowAPI team to identify and uncover logic threats that may be missed by less specialised teams.


ShadowAPI tests your web application against the OWASP top 10, helping you to measure your security posture against the defacto world-wide standard.


Our consulting team, are passionate about web application security. Our research never stops and ensures that we keep you one step a head of emerging threats.

What Are The Risks?

Web Applications are by nature public-facing and therefore available to all via the Internet. The transgression from simple web site to full Web Applications has made them an ideal target surface for attackers, leading to many publicised hacks and data breaches, many of these caused by insecure Web Applications.

Protecting these Web Applications is an issue for the full software development lifecycle. From the original development through iterative updates, it is hard for developers to keep up with these risks alone.

How Can We Help?

ShadowAPI is a company that is purely focused on Web Application Security. From the experience gained with the API Security Scanning Service through to Web Application Security testing, you can be safe in the knowledge that we are a specialised team who can help you identify vulnerabilities that exist on your web applications.

This Web Application testing can be performed remotely for public-facing facing Web Applications or internally at your premises if the application is an internal application.

Key Benefits

Identify Web Application Vulnerabilities

Identify Security Vulnerabilities Within Your Public-facing and Internal Web Applications Allowing You to Remediate Any Issues That Arise

Improve your Security Posture

Improve Your Web Application Security Posture, Allowing You to Reduce the Threat of a Web-based Attack Affecting Your Business

Achieve Standards Compliance

Comply with Various Regulatory Bodies Such as the PCI DSS or ISO Who Mandate Regular Web Application Testing Be Performed Against Your Infrastructure

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